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Annual Race Events

The Nevada Yacht Club hosts two types of annual race events: Regattas and Races.

  • Regattas - Multi-day A/B-Fleet races with winners earning points toward the Nevada Cup
  • Races - Specialized single or multi-day races with a single fleet. No points earned towards the Nevada Cup


Winter-Series Regatta (Welcome the New Year)
Three Saturday's of racing in the chillier months. Keep active. Recover from the holiday season and give yourself a treat on the Lake. Points count towards the Nevada Cup.

Silver Cup Regatta (First Test of your Boat and Crew)
Weekend regatta (Saturday and Sunday) celebrating the some of the best sailing of the year in early March. Points count towards the Nevada Cup.

Spring-Series Regatta (Getting into the Groove)
Two Saturday's of racing days in the spring. Points count towards the Nevada Cup.

Fall-Series Regatta
After the summer heat we need races in the cooler temps.  The fall series takes advantage of non blistering air temperatures and the still warm water temperature. If you have time take a swim between races. Points count towards the Nevada Cup.

Gold Cup Regatta

Nevada has a history of mining the regattas are named to nod the history of the state. The gold cup is a two-day weekend regatta (Saturday and Sunday). Points count towards the Nevada Cup.

Frostbite Regatta
Last series of the season.  Bundle up and prepare to get wet. Points count towards the Nevada Cup.

Ostrom Cup (Temple Bar Race and Cruise)

This 70-mile round trip multi-day, multi-leg race with an overnight stop over at the Temple Bar Marina is held each Spring and Fall and is a club favorite. Don't forget to pack your BBQ alongside your spin bag! And starting in 2024, you'll earn points toward the Nevada Cup!


Fred Darling Race (Long Distance Race)

When Fred's son was killed, he scheduled an annual race in his memory near Memorial Day Weekend and a full moon. Fred was not only a wonderful contributor to the club but to the Southern Nevada community as a whole.  After Fred passed, the race was renamed the Darling Memorial race in both their honor.  This two day one leg race runs 68 to 72 miles overnight starting and finishing near Boulder Island. Early June. Scheduled on a full moon. The overall winner earns a trophy, but there are no points earned toward the Nevada Cup.

Single Hand and Jack & Jill
Has your crew been carrying their skipper?  Now is the time to resolve that question (Single Hand). Followed by patners works together to for a two handed team (Jack & Jill). Just before the summer heat arrives. The overall winners earn a trophy, but there are no points earned toward the Nevada Cup.

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