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Nevada Yacht Club Past Officers

The Club that we all enjoy today was not built by its current members and officers, but by those who came before us. We have existed since 1963 because of the selfless efforts of all members; especially those of its Officers. Below you will find an abridged list of recent Officers and a nearly complete history of Nevada Yacht Club Commodores.

2023 Officers

Commodore - Travis Schwieder

Vice Commodore - Jason Meyer

Fleet Captain (Race Committee) - Clay Ostrom

Cruising Captain - Harlan Freedman

Treasurer - Lydia Brown

Secretary - Jim Mills

Staff Commodore - Bobby Kawamura

2022 Officers

Commodore - Travis Schwieder

Vice Commodore - Jason Kipp

Fleet Captain (Race Committee) - Clay Ostrom

Cruising Captain - Rick James

Treasurer - Lydia Brown

Secretary - Jim Mills

Staff Commodore - Bobby Kawamura

2021 Officers

Commodore Bobby Kawamura

​Sailing at Lake Mead since the early eighties.  Sailed in several Newport to Ensenada offshore races.  Longest trips are Auckland New Zealand to Tahiti. Transpac from Long Beach CA to Honolulu HI.  Started sailing windsurfers in Baja Mexico in the early eighties. Sailed windsurfers for ten years.  Ran Catamarans for a few years. Started racing mono hulls  in the mid 90s.  Promoting sailing at Lake Mead. Started the youth sailing program for Nevada Yacht Club.

Fleet Captain (Race Committee) - Clay Ostrom

Native of Las Vegas who has been playing on Lake Mead since childhood.  Formerly raced Hobie Cats, and now, as a long time member of NYC, has been Race Captain since 2011. 

Treasurer - Lydia Brown

Started sailing in Ft. Worth, TX in 2008, and moved to Las Vegas in 2012.  Been a member of NYC since 2012, and enjoy racing on Hobie Cats and Monohull boats as well.  Currently crew on the beautiful "Winsornaut". 

Cruising Captain (Race Committee) - Jason Kipp

He has been an avid boater for the last 30+ years; having been a novice sailor in his youth, and spent several years on a Midwestern US regional champion water ski team in his teens. Having always wanted to learn to sail the larger sailboats, he finally found his way to the Nevada Yacht Club at the beginning of 2018. "This is an amazing club filled with great people; all sharing a passion for sailing. It's a great place to be!" 

Secretary - Chris Lemke (not pictured)
Started sailing with Nevada Yacht Club in 2019. He's highly enthusiastic and has become a great resource to the club.

2020 Officers

Vice Commodore - Shane Stephens

I started sailing about 45 years ago on a lake in north Idaho. I have been a member of the Nevada Yacht Club since 2006. I have sailed in several races off the coast of California. I currently own a J70 and actively race with the Nevada Yacht Club.

Staff Comodore - John D'Acunto

John D’Acunto has been a member of the Nevada Yacht Club since 2001. Over the years John has served the club as Commodore, and Vice Commodore.  A New York native, John discovered the love of sailing after first visiting Lake Mead in the mid 1990s.

Past Officers 2019

Cruising Captain - ​Mike Cox

​In 2007 my wife Kathy said traveling via a sailboat would be fun. I have been hooked ever since. Being a part of the NYC has been a great experience which has allowed me to sail with and meet great people. 

Staff Commodore - Tim Ehrlich

Time started sailing when on a mega yacht decided he loved the ocean but couldn't stand the sound of a motor.  Has been sailing now for 15 years and loves his "Floating Patio." 

Past Officers - 2018

Staff Commodore - Jim Rosaschi

To me, sailing is a way of life.  I have been sailing for over 35 years. I am a certified sailing instructor and a three time Holder20 OD National Champion.  My goal is to help bring sailing and seamanship to our desert community.

Vice Commodore & Sail Training Coordinator - Rich Faber

Past Commodores: 

1963 Dr. John R.  Connolly
1964 Dr. John R. Connolly
​1965 Elbert Smith
1966 Bruce Gaines
1967 Lewis Cascadden
1968 Roger Penderson
1969 Dr. Gerhardt Hoentch
1970 John Eckert
1971 Charles Newby
1972 Dr. John R. Connolly
1973 Wesley Jenkins
1974 William Wallin
1975 Hugh Winsett
1976  Jack Farmer
1977 Fred Wright
1978 H. B. Herst
1979 Ron Rumbaugher / George Hoiley
1980 Jan Penderson
1981 O. K. Bryant
1982 Woody Wheeless
1983 Bill Borders
1984 Steve Pollard
1985 James Jones, DDS
1986 Vic Heackly
1987 Alan Stromberg
1988 Alan Stromberg
1989 David Harcourt
1990 Ellen Stromberg
1991 Chuck Banks
1992 Bill Brennan
1993 Joe La Beau
1994 Al Kirsch
1995 Mike Mann
1996 Andrea Rosaschi
1997 Andres Rosaschi
1998 Mike Mann
1999 David Ereth
2000 Jim Rosaschi
2001 Floyd White
2002 Terry Shoemaker
2003 Terry Shoemaker
2004 Glenn Frank
2005 John D'Acunto
2006 Joedy Sisler
2007 David Hoch
2008 Scott McIntosh
2009 Randy Holt
2010 Randy Holt
2012 Fred Darling
2013 Rand Wilson
2014 John D'Acunto
2015 Floyd White
2016 Floyd White
2017 Jim Rosaschi
2018 Tim Erlich
2019 Bobby Kawamura
2020 Bobby Kawamura
2021 Bobby Kawamura

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